Do you have recurring headaches, facial or neck pain, muscle tension, earache or a jaw clamp? Possibly we dentists can help you to solve these problems.

We help you to restore the balance between the jaw muscles, the bite of your teeth and the temporo mandibular joint. Medical Implant applies the knowledge of Gnathology to these complaints. Gnatology is a branch of dentistry that deals with functional and occlusal relationships of the teeth with each other in connection with the temporo mandibular joint. We treat the various symptoms with a splint; a simple and painless system tailored to the cause and the resolution of the symptoms.

The dental treatments we use at Medical Implant take into account:

  • The Morphology.
  • The Anatomy.
  • Viewpoints of all systems that influence the chewing and are related to each other.
  • Aspects that can be crucial for the diagnosis.


  • Simple and Painless System
  • Personal Service
  • Time Savings